Ave Mario

When Italy met Insta, they had this….

“Calm your tits!” a delicious cocktail from one of Covent Gardens newest restaurants: Ave Mario (scroll to see boobies.) I 100% recommend this restaurant for a night with friends, or date night. Its interior design is totally unique with each room themed individually – perfect for your Insta backdrop! But lets not forget the food….

We ordered a load of dishes to try them all and I loved the MAFALDINE AL TARTUFO: This is my star dish! Mafaldine pasta, truffle mascarpone sauce, fresh black truffle. It’s the best truffle pasta dish I’ve ever had!

My daughter had MEAN & GREEN: green tagliatelle with vibrant pesto and parmigiano. This portion was huge so we took the rest home and she had it for lunch the next day.

I didn’t really like the TORTA DI SALMONE: Essentially a salmon pie, nicely made but not for me!

Defo add this to your list of ‘MUST EATS’

The Baby Bits…

  • Highchair: No
  • Pushchair space: Yes (in some areas)
  • Baby change: No
  • Kids menu: No, but you can take any leftovers home (they provide boxes)

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