Treasure Trails and Hunts in Covent Garden (and the UK!)

Looking for a great way to explore Covent Garden? These fantastic trails and hunts will take you to places you may not have been to before. If you are stuck for an idea of something to do and want to get to know a new area whilst learning fun facts as you go, these trails and hunts are fab! Don’t forget to check each website as many offer these activities across the UK!

Treasure Map Trails

A great family activity for any age group; you’ll explore the area whilst having fun looking and learning along the way! These beautifully illustrated treasure maps include towns across the country.

In Central London you’ll find Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

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Treasure Trails

Treasure Trails is a great way to explore a new area and learn along the way. You can choose a spy mission, treasure hunt, or my favourite – a murder mystery trail.

To make it competitive we each pick who we think the culprit is and the weapon they used before we begin and eliminate as we go!

You can personalise them, a great option if you are buying it as a gift.

Curious About

This walk takes you through Covent Garden. There are actually two unique walks to do either separately, or joined as one longer walk.

By the end of this walk, you’ll be an expert in the local area which will come in handy for any pub quiz!

The Great Games Treasure Hunt

Starting at Covent Garden station, the West End treasure hunt is 2.5 miles, finishing with the perfect treasure… A London pub with 20% off total food & drink bill included!

The route winds through the length of The West End past its famous theatres and down mysterious back alleys!

Tip: Order the hard copy which comes with everything a treasure hunter will need – I hadn’t used a compass in years!

Hunt Fun

This treasure hunt is a great way to get outdoors and have fun exploring. I printed our hunt, but you can also do the GPS version and can choose the duration of your hunt (1hr, 1.5hr, 2hr).

There lots to learn with this one!

Jubilee Hall Market Hunt

FREE Market Hunt at the Jubilee Market, Covent Garden!

You can enjoy this super fun market hunt any day during the market opening hours. Plus it’s undercover – so no issue if it rains!


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