Leave Westminster pier and turn…

LEFT: To your left you will see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Although currently on pause, you can usually book onto a tour to see inside of the Houses of Parliament, as well as Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower. I have done both and its fantastic! It’s really informative and completely beautiful in design. Here is the link for then the tours resume: INFO For now you can admire the intricate detail of the buildings architecture as well as walking around Parliament Square where you can also see Westminster Abbey.

Elizabeth Tower
Behind the clock face
Big Ben

STRAIGHT: Straight ahead you will see two buildings: One is Portcullis House (resembling a building belonging to a baddy that Spiderman might fight) which is where the UK government employees work. It also has 11 (it was 12 but one died) fig trees in the entrance. There is a tunnel leading from here which goes underneath the road and straight into the Houses of parliament giving ease of access to MPs. The second building, a few doors down to the right, is New Scotland Yard, the nerve central of the Metropolitan Police. Outside here you can see the infamous NSY sign which appears in the background of many news reports, as well as to the right of the entrance is the eternal flame in memory of officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

Portcullis House
Fig trees inside Portcullis House (pic source)
Eternal Flame (pic source)

Turning left just passed here and onto Richmond Terrace, walk all the way down (past the armed guards) and you will arrive at Whitehall. Cross straight over and you arrive at Downing Street, where the Prime Minister does all of his wheeling and dealing. You can’t get this close to the door, but you can try and have a peak!

Number 10 Downing Street. (pic source)

RIGHT: Horse Guards Parade, less than a 10 minute walk, is a truly magnificent open space. Two Mounted Sentries guard the Whitehall entrance from 10:00am until 4:00pm, with a changeover every hour. A must see is the changing of The Queen’s Life Guard which happens at 11am (mon-sat) and 10am (sun). For more information and to see how close to them you can be click here: INFO

Horse Guards
Watching the horses

Other photos from this area…

London Eye from Westminster Bridge
St Thomas Hospital from the clock tower
View from the river

If you visit any of these places, or perhaps somewhere I haven’t mentioned, please let me know via Instagram @coventgardenmum or by email. Id love you hear your experience and perhaps even see some photos! Have a great time…