London Eye (Waterloo)

Leave London Eye pier and turn…

LEFT: Walking along with the river to your left, you will go past Jubilee Park & Garden on your right. This is a clean green space with a children’s play area and tame squirrels who will take nuts from your hand! Further along the river and you pass some wonderful street food stalls until you arrive at the Southbank Centre. There is a large outside terrace which is fantastic for people watching, access is via steps or a lift at the end of Hungerford Bridge. Inside the Southbank Centre it is impossible to be bored! There is something for all ages to enjoy throughout the year, take a browse here: INFO

Chatting with a Squirrel
Southbank Centre Terrace
View from Waterloo Bridge at sunset

Continue along the river and you will reach Gabriel’s Wharf where on the riverside, when the tide is low revealing the beach, you can see expert sand art being created right before your eyes. You can also take a stroll along the beach yourself. There’s always something going on from people searching the shore with metal detectors looking for treasure, to unadvertised parties that anyone can join! The wharf itself comprises of independent shops as well as a variety eateries for all taste buds. INFO

Gabriels Wharf
Sand Art
Band playing on the beach
St Pauls from the beach

Another minute or so along the river and you arrive at the OXO tower. This building is a mix of residential and commercial spaces including art galleries, cafes, bars. At the top is a restaurant which also has a bar area if you just wanted to have a drink. Tip: pop in for a cocktail on the balcony in mid November for one of the best views of the Lord Mayor Show fireworks display – however – the fireworks have been cancelled for the past couple of years (sad face), so perhaps just pop up there for a great view over the Thames, whilst we wait to hear if the show fireworks will return… INFO

OXO Tower
View from the OXO tower balcony

STRAIGHT: I’m sure there is something so do here? Maybe if I just look … up! Yes that’s right, the world famous London Eye stands tall above the pier. Opening in 2000, it was supposed to be dismantled 5 years later, but here it remains. INFO

London Eye
Charing Cross Station
Houses of Parliament

RIGHT: Further along, walking underneath Westminster Bridge, you arrive at what has become the National Covid Memorial wall. Volunteers have painted around 150,000 pink and red hearts along the Thames Embankment in memory of those who have died with coronavirus. Its a breath-taking sight and worth visiting for a moments contemplation: INFO

National Covid Memorial Wall
View from here over the river at sunset
The London Eye view from the Uber Boat by Thames Clipper

If you visit any of these places, or perhaps somewhere I haven’t mentioned, please let me know via Instagram @coventgardenmum or by email. Id love you hear your experience and perhaps even see some photos! Have a great time…