Greenland (Surrey Quays)

Leave Greenland pier and turn…

LEFT: Walking along the Thames path for approximately 10 minutes, you’ll arrive at Pepys Park (stick to the Thames riverside… Google maps tries to make you walk around a dock adding 10 mins, but you don’t need to!). Here you will find a nice spot to relax with lovely play area for children, with views over the river to Canary Wharf. Along the way you will pass many cannons aimed to the north side of the river, if you know why, please enlighten me? If you walk through the park and down some steps between two buildings you step into to Lower Pepys Park which has a large open space for a kick-about, plus a basketball court.

STRAIGHT: For an al fresco pint or bite to eat in the tranquillity of Greenland Dock, head to The Moby Dick pub. Simply walk straight off the pier and ahead into Princes Court, then first right into South Sea Street. In around 1 minute you’ll be in Greenland Dock. The pub is situated on the other side of the dock: INFO. Pub aside, a walk of the dock perimeter will show you some of the 1,250 homes, notably townhouses and apartment blocks, built here between 1984 and 1990. What a pace to live!

Greenland Dock
Moby Dick Pub. Pic by @moby_dickph

RIGHT: Walking along with the river to your right, after around 10 mins you will reach Surrey Docks Farm, an absolute hidden gem! I’ve been coming here for years – mainly to stop off for a delicious sausage sandwich whilst cycling passed. It is a working farm set on a 2 acre site which is home to a wide range of livestock; including goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys and poultry! You can pick up farm eggs, meat, seasonal vegetables, plants and much more from their shop: INFO

Goats! Pic by @surreydocksfarm
Cow made of buttons
View from the farm, waterside

If you visit any of these places, or perhaps somewhere I haven’t mentioned, please let me know via Instagram @coventgardenmum or by email. Id love you hear your experience and perhaps even see some photos! Have a great time…