Family Activities

Below are some fun activities for the whole family to get involved in! There’s colouring in, maths, word search, match the objects, and a crossword. More activities will be added…

Match the Objects

Can you match the Covent Garden people with their activities?
Click on the image to open the sheet

Colouring In

Iconic Covent Garden Image to colour in

Whether you’re a grown up or a child, can keep within the lines or create a total mess – it doesn’t matter! Download any of the below London scenes and print them out to create a colourful picture. If you don’t have a printer, download the sheet, save it onto your device and colour it in on there.

Some of the images have a lot of space in the foreground so that you can add your own characters, or add stickers, or keep it as it is. Get as creative as you like!

All of the images below were taken by me and converted into colouring in sheets for fun! Click on the image for your colouring sheet. Don’t forget to share your finished piece with me: @coventgardenmum #coventgardenmum

What colours go in the rainbow?
St Paul’s Church & the Piazza
Infinity Chamber
Covent Garden Underground Station
St Paul’s Church
Buckingham Palace
Fortnum and Mason
Red Phone Boxes
Apple Market
The Yards
Cart Wheel
Seven Dials
Flower Cart

Word Search

Things you find in Covent Garden
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Things you see or do in Covent Garden
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For older and younger children

Below are two math sheets, one for younger children and one for older children. I don’t like to say ‘easy’ or ‘hard’ as everyone is at a different stage in their learning, so please choose which sheet is most suitable for your child. Just some fun math questions set in Covent Garden. Yes, I said fun and math in the same sentence!

Younger Children Math sheet, Download

Older Children Math Sheet, Download

Example Math Question

The answers for both sheets are here: Download answers.

I hope you enjoy these activities! I am by no means a teacher and have no idea about the national curriculum, this is just for fun at home!

All activity sheets are © Covent Garden Mum.