Christmas Calendar

December welcomes the reopening of many of my favourite places in Covent Garden, and they are just as excited to be back as I am to have them back! Together, we have created a Christmas Calendar for all the family to enjoy.

You can open all the calendar doors as many times as you like to see what fantastic ‘Christmas Gifts’ local companies are offering you this December. They range from fun freebies, to delightful discounts on purchases. Have a browse and start planning your post lockdown trip to Covent Garden!

As well as this, check out what’s behind ‘Door 25’ for your chance of winning £100 towards a meal in a Covent Garden restaurant.

So if you enjoy festive shopping, eating and drinking, this calendar is for you!

Thank you to all the wonderful shops, beauty salons, pubs, bars and restaurants who are taking part in this festive calendar.

We hope you enjoy the Christmas Gifts, but more so, we hope you have a wonderful December and can enjoy the festivities as best you can this year.

Enjoy, have fun, and Merry Christmas!

*By downloading and using the Covent Garden Mum Christmas Calendar, you agree to the terms and conditions set out here.